Download Free Top 10 Teal & Orange Camera Raw Presets of 2020 | Top 10 Teal & Orange Presets of all time

Hello there, this is Ashish Chauhan from Ash-Vir Creations in this post I gonna show you how you can download my favorite Top 10 Camera Raw Filter Preset of Teal & Orange of 2019 & how to install it. Well nowadays teal and orange effects are very popular and trendy, in Instagram, it is just widely used and attracts the viewer very quickly. Well below you can see the effect of before and after of my 10 presets of Teal & Orange.

Preset File is Given in the Below Portion ⇩

->Top 10 Teal & Orange Camera Raw Presets of

Below Images are made using the presets in photoshop cc. You can see a huge difference that makes the photo look even better if you use these presets to your effects collection.

Well Camera Raw preset is the main key thing which everyone has to depend upon or you can say the main or core part of photo editing is to give a final image color effect or color grading it using the camera raw filter. This camera raw filter is generally used found in photoshop whose version is cc 2015. cc 2016, 2017, 2018 but it can also be used in photoshop cs6.

Camera Filter is actually a very perfect tool and a very much useful tool in photoshop because it will turn your normal photo into a very perfect highly attractive photo. So I suggest you use this camera filter whenever you edit your photos.

It’s depending upon your editing skills you can play with the camera raw filter but if you perfectly how to create that tone and edit your photo and give your photo that specific look but you don’t know how to use this camera raw filter then don’t worry chill I’m here for you I will help you.

Today in this modern world, and especially on every social media platform photo has become an important thing. Especially on Instagram, the photograph has become a very prominent source for everyone to be famous.

So everyone decorates their Instagram profile with wonderful photos and teal and orange color tone has become famous.

What is the Teal & Orange Color Effect in Photo Editing? 

Well, teal and orange color are known as the most prominent color of the 2020 era.
These color tone photographs are very much famous on all social media platforms, especially on Instagram.

Yes, this color teal and orange photos are very much in trend nowadays, almost all the photos are in such color tone because this tone is actually creating a very perfect attractive look to the photograph.

So I have made an easy task for you because to create such a teal and orange look you need to learn camera raw filter in photoshop if you don’t know how to create such a tone then don’t worry I’m here for you.

I am giving you free Teal & Orange color camera raw filter preset for free. Below are some sample images on which I have used my top 10 teal and orange camera raw preset. So you can see before and after effect on the photograph from a normal photo to a very attractive photo. Hence it will help you to identify the preset tone of how actually it will look if you will use this preset in your photo.

How to Install Presets in Camera Raw Filter in Photoshop? 

  • Go to My Computer (for Windows User)
  • Click on C:/ Drive
  • Click on User
  • Go to your User Name Folder (Eg. Your computer name)
  • Show your Hidden Files & Folder Option. Check it
  • Go to AppData folder
  • Click on Roaming/Adobe/Camera Raw/Settings Folder
  • Just Paste My Top 10 Teal Orange Preset Files into this setting folder.
  • Close all & refresh it.
  • Restart your Photoshop.
  • Go to Camera Raw Filter.
  • Open Preset Tab.
  • Click on User Preset.
  • You will find all the installed preset there.
  • Enjoy the preset.

Hence if you still don’t understand how to install this preset then just play our below youtube video tutorial. In this video, you will find exactly how to install this preset step by step. Just follow what I do in the video. If you still haven’t subscribed to our youtube channel then do subscribe and press the bell icon to get the latest notification of my photoshop tutorials for free.

Do share this with all your friends and family in wtsapp and all on every social media platform so that they will also be helpful from this post.

These png stock photos are very amazing.

Access this preset file for free in our content.

Get the .rar file of Top 10 Teal & Orange Presets:- DNG
Extract this file using WinRar Software for Windows User.

On Youtube, we have more than 1000+ photoshop and lightroom video tutorials so you can check it out and learn for free photo editing and move your editing skills from normal to advance.
Be Creative, Be Awesome.

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