Complete Photoshop Course with My Secret Tips & Tricks (Enroll Now) | How to Make Money with My Course | Top 10 LUTs & Camera Raw Presets of all Time

Hello, Guys, this is Ashish Chauhan from Ash-Vir Creations and I am launching my complete Photoshop Course which I will be teaching you each and every tool, menus, layers, masks & every kind of techniques which I personally use in my editing process to speed up.

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Table of Contents

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W E E K – 1 (Beginner Level)

📹 1. Introduction to Tools
📹 2. Introduction to all Menus, which are necessary
📹 3. Learnig the Art of Layers
📹 4. Magic of Adjustment Layers & Adjustment Tools
📹 5. Shortcuts that Speed Up Your Editing Game
📹 6. Creating Your Own Shortcuts
📹 7. Preference Settings You Need to Change for the First Time After Installing Photoshop

W E E K – 2 (Intermediate Level)

📹 8. Cutting Out Portrait or Selecting Photo
-> Using Quick Selection Tool
-> Using Lasso Tool
-> Using Magic Wand
-> Using Polygonal Lasso Tool
-> Using Magnetic Lasso Tool
-> Using Object Selction Tool
-> Using Automatic Selction Tool
-> Using Pen Tool
-> Cutting out Photo from Messy Background
📹 9. Cutting Out Hairs or Selecting Hairs
-> Selecting Your Hairs with Quick Selection Tool in Plain Background
-> Selecting Your Hairs with Refine Edge Tool or with Select & Mask Option.
📹 10. How to Change Background in Photoshop

W E E K – 3 (Intermediate Level)

📹 11. Removing Pimple, Acne, Blemishes from Face in Photoshop
📹 12. Smoothening Skin with Mixer Brush Tool
📹 13. Changing the Color of Dress or Anything
-> With Hue/Saturation Tool
-> With Selection Process
-> With Color Replacement Brush
📹 14. Removing the background with Eraser Tool
-> With Background Eraser Tool
-> With Magic Eraser Tool
📹 15. Master the Liquify Tools
📹 16. Master the Blending Modes
📹 17. How to Remove Anything From Photo
-> How to Remove People from Photo
-> How to Remove Watermark from any Photo
-> How to Remove Text Watermark from any Photo
📹 18. How to Use Layers & Masks in Photoshop
📹 19. Master the Levels & Curve
📹 20. Adding a Text to Photo with Creative Effect
📹 21. Introduction to Filter Menu

W E E K – 4 (Advanced Level)

📹 22. Advanced Professional Dodging & Burning
Type-1 -> Dodge & Burn Technique with Curves
Type-2 -> Advanced Dodge & Burn Technique with Blending Options
Type-3 -> Manual Dodge & Burn Technique with Dodge & Burn Tool with Grayscale
📹 23. How to Create Realistic Shadows in Photoshop
📹 24. Mastering the Camera Raw Filter in Photoshop
📹 25. Practical Realistic Photo Manipulation in Photoshop

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