Download Top 10 Grainy Camera Raw Presets for Free | How to Make Grainy Look to Photos in Photoshop

Hello everyone, this is Ashish Chauhan from Ash-Vir Creations in this post i gonna give you Top 10  Grainy Camera Raw Preset for free. Download Top 10 Grainy Camera Raw Presets for free.

By using our presets you can pop out your photos and make your instagram to look way more better and stands you out from the crowd. Hence by using our presets you can really make your instagram profile a very adorable look and increase your follower count.

FP stands for (
This preset pack contains total 10 (.xmp) files.

Preset File is Given in the Below Portion ⇩
(1)-FP-Grainy AVC1.xmp
(2)-FP-Grainy AVC2.xmp
(3)-FP-Grainy AVC3.xmp
(4)-FP-Grainy AVC4.xmp
(5)-FP-Grainy AVC5.xmp
(6)-FP-Grainy AVC6.xmp
(7)-FP-Grainy AVC7.xmp
(8)-FP-Grainy AVC8.xmp
(9)-FP-Grainy AVC9.xmp
(10)-FP-Grainy AVC10.xmp

Below are some of the examples if you apply it on your photos how it will look actually.

Nowadays on instagram this kind of trending portraits are very much popular and this kind of photos are very much found on instagram of almost all famous instagram photographers.
Moody tones are very much in trend and the famous tones which are teal color, aqua green color, aqua blue color this all are known as the famous colors of 2019 trend in turns of photography.

Especially this dark desaturated blue tone is really making your photo to look more adorable and making your photo to look very cinematic and moody which highlights the subject.

How to Install Camera Raw Presets in Adobe Photoshop ?

=> Go to My Computer (for Windows User)
=> Click on C:/ Drive
=> Click on User
=> Go to your User Name Folder (Eg. Your computer name)
=> Show your Hidden Files & Folder Option. Check it
=> Go to AppData folder
=> Click on Roaming/Adobe/Camera Raw/Settings Folder
=> Just Paste My Top 10 Teal Orange Preset Files into this setting folder.
=> Close all & refresh it.
=> Restart your Photoshop.
=> Go to Camera Raw Filter.
=> Open Preset Tab.
=> Click on User Preset.
=> You will find all installed preset there.
=> Enjoy the preset.
If you want this same preset for PC Lightroom (.lrtemplate):-Click Here
If you want this same preset for you Mobile Lighroom (.dng):-Click Here

Hence if you still don’t understand how to install this preset then just play our below youtube video tutorial. In this video you will find exactly how on install this preset step by step. Just follow what i did in the video. If you still haven’t subscribed our youtube channel then do subscribe and press bell icon to get latest notification of my photoshop tutorials for free.

So this video covers three part; first is download of the preset from here and how to install that presets in camera raw of photoshop cc and last how to use it in your photoshop cc version.

Access this preset file for free in our content.

Get this Camera Raw Presets:-XMP Presets
Extract the file using WinRar Software for Windows user.
Extract the file using UnRarX application for Mac User.

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