How much is home insurance in Florida per month?

In Florida, a policy covering a property worth $250,000 costs $1,648 annually, which is more than the national average of $1,383. Insurance companies were already leaving the state due to the high cost of doing business in Florida before Hurricane Ian made matters worse, and bogus lawsuits were becoming commonplace before and after the storm.

State Farm is the best home insurance provider in Florida
Most Floridian homeowners agree that State Farm is the top insurance provider in the state. State Farm’s yearly premium of $1,871 is 16% cheaper than the average rate offered by Florida house insurance companies. State Farm provides several types of property insurance, including those for earthquakes, sewer backups, and floods. State Farm also has a high credit rating, which might come in handy in the event of a major storm or another natural disaster. Due to the increased danger of tropical storms and other natural disasters, several insurers have discontinued offering coverage to Floridian homeowners. However, larger national insurers like State Farm are more likely to continue doing business in the Sunshine State.

Tower Hill has the most affordable home insurance rates.
Tower Hill, Florida, has the least average homeowners insurance cost in Florida, at $1,242 annually. If you compare this to the average for the state, which is $2,220, you’ll see a savings of $840. Flood insurance is only one of the many optional extras that may be purchased from Tower Hill, along with other, more comprehensive policies for residences of a larger value. After a tropical storm, it’s helpful to have additional coverage for things like equipment malfunction and debris clearance. Fewer complaints are reported in Tower Hill than elsewhere. Unfortunately, Tower Hill does not offer online quotes for homeowners insurance, so you’ll need to call an agent instead. Tower Hill provides several different kinds of insurance, including house, flood, and boat coverage, however, they do not provide vehicle insurance bundles.

The Florida Peninsula has the lowest average costs for storm insurance.
Coastal homeowners may take advantage of Florida Peninsula Insurance’s special services and knowledge. The Florida Peninsula has a higher-than-average incidence of customer complaints and an average yearly home insurance rate of $2,437. In the event of a large hurricane, water backup is a regular outcome, but fortunately, homeowners insurance on the Florida Peninsula provides adequate coverage in case this occurs. Private flood insurance on the Florida Peninsula might cover your house for up to $2 million in damage. Florida Peninsula’s high limits should be enough for all except the most costly residences in Florida, as the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) caps flood coverage at $250,000.

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