Dark Wings Fantasy Photo Manipulation in Photoshop CC | Hollywood Fantasy Movie Poster Dragon Angle Photo Manipulation in Photoshop

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Well, today in this post I have come with a highly requested video and from the audience demand, I will give you full in-depth knowledge of how to edit exactly your photos like the fantasy black wings cinematic movie poster photo in Photoshop. So basically I will show you from beginning to end step by step how to make cinematic photo effect, also how to change the background, apart from that I will also show you how to color grade like cinematic colorgrading in photoshop.

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HD Stock Photos zip File is Given in the Below Portion ⇩

->HD Backgrounds Photos & PNGs.zip   (Used Here)

Cinematic Photo Manipulation by @ashvircreations

So I will cover up the following key points in these tutorials:-

->How to cut out your photo from the background

->How to remove blemishes from the skin if there are some, in photoshop.

->How to blend your photo with the background in photoshop.

->How to match the color tone of your photo.

->How to Dodge & Burn your Face in photoshop with Grayscale.

->How to Dodge & Burn your Face with blending option technique in photoshop.

->Lastly how to add grain or jitter to your photos in photoshop.

->Bonus Tip:- I will give you the Calop Inspired preset for free for your xmp Camera Raw Preset, Desktop Lightroom Preset & Mobile Lightroom Preset for Free.

So I will teach you the whole process of how to smoothen skin in photoshop & how to edit photos like calop, so watch the full video and learn such editing and stand out your Instagram feed to the next level.

This theme is really looking very adorable and making your photos pop out from the rest and a unique theme that you can do in photoshop.

Wings Cinematic DNG & XMP Preset

Nowadays on Instagram neon portraits are seen very much and especially teal orange and aqua blue tones are very popular presets which most of all the famous Instagram photographers do use in their profile.

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How to Get These Backgrounds Used Here?
> Right Click on the Image & Select Save Images as & Hit Save. Here it’s Done.
> Hold your Touch on Screen & Select Save Image in Smartphones. Done.


Access this ZIP file backgrounds for free in our content.

Get these Backgrounds in zip file HD:-stocks
This photo you can use as an example image to try it by yourself and learn to create a photo like cinematic.

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