How to Edit Portraits Like Instagram Trending Moody Photos in Photoshop cc

Hello Folks, this is Ashish Chauhan from Ash-Vir Creations in this post I m gonna show you how to create a very professional Instagram model like Moody Portrait Photo Manipulation in Photoshop.

HD Stock Photos zip File is Given in the Below Portion ⇩

->HD Backgrounds Photos &   (Used Here)

Well, here you can see the before and after a very huge difference with the best moody background and bokehish blur on the background of the photo for your Instagram profile.

In this above photo, you can see that the bridge creates a very perfect look at the photo with the desired amount of moodiness which is actually making the subject to be highlighted more.

Most of the profiles on Instagram every photo has been edited with such moody tone because this dark moody tone actually creates a dark and matt with vintage effect on the photo.

In the above photo, the subject’s pose is a perfect combination of moody portrait or the tone which we actually need in our photo is very much important.

This black jacket actually gives the photo a very heavy look and enhance the subject and giving a very moody kind of black matt tone on the photograph. So I suggest you wear such an outfit which actually looks more attractive.

Another important thing to remember is that it is always best to go with the more natural and unique poses. While creativity is important, but it is equally important to not overdo things and try too hard.

So you have to do is just go and watch our youtube video and learn how you can also create such moody portraits photo manipulation in photoshop and also subscribe to our youtube channel and press bell icon so that you will be notified whenever I post a new video. Generally, I post new videos every day so go and check it out for free.

How to Get This Backgrounds Used Here:-

Right Click on the Image & Select Save Images as & Hit Save. Here it’s Done.
Hold your Touch on Screen & Select Save Image in Smartphones. Done.


Access this ZIP file backgrounds for free in our content.

This stock photo is amazing for your Instagram.

Get HD Resolution Photo:- stocks
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