What grades do I need to study law?

As a lawyer, you might specialise in criminal, civil, corporate, or intellectual property law, among others. A career in law is an excellent option. If you’ve completed the 10+2 exam, you can enrol in a five-year LLB programme. Admission to the five-year LLB programme at one of the numerous colleges that offer it is determined by how well you score on the CLAT entrance exam (Common Law Admission Test). All 14 National Law Universities in India recognize CLAT scores. To sit for CLAT, you must have a minimum of 45 per cent in your 10+2 exams.

To become a lawyer, first one must complete a three-year LLB degree programme at a university. You must have a bachelor’s degree with at least a 50% average in order to take the three-year LLB programme.

Subjects covered in the three-year LLB programme include Jurisprudence, Criminal Law, Business Laws, and Intellectual Property Laws. B.A. LLB and BBA LLB students take different courses over the five-year degree period. There’s no doubt that the Indian legal education system is heavily theoretical. However, most colleges and institutions don’t provide students with the hands-on training they need to grasp how the legal system operates in practice.

It is necessary to register as an advocate in any state bar council covered by the Advocates Act 1961 after completing your legal degree. Bar Council of India conducts the All India Bar Examination (AIBE) once you have completed the registration process. After you clear this exam, you will receive a certificate to practice law.

To become a lawyer at Cambridge, what grades do I need to achieve?
In order to go into Cambridge Law, you’ll need an A-level grade of A*AA. However, this is extremely unusual and the decision is taken on a case-by-case basis. This offer is comparable to 40 to 42 points for IB, with 776 points in Higher Level.

What grades do I need to go into law school at UCL?
Grades in the 90th percentile range. Subjects A*AA in all categories. Additional research is needed. Applicants for the LNAT (Law National Aptitude Test) in the United Kingdom.
Applications from all around the world.
Preparatory Certificates for Undergraduate Study.
Requirements for fluency in English.

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